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Kisaragi Rei
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23rd-Aug-2015 10:22 pm - Messiah
I got to say I'm really excited for Messiah Hagane no Shou and Messiah Shinku no Shou.
Although I can't wait for it to be released but that means the Messiah Project is coming to an end and I don't think I've been that into a stage play before. Messiah Project is all around amazing and everything about it is absolutely great. Especially the story line. It just flows and the writers manage to make the plot work even with some actors not being able to participate in some installments.

I'm excited to see what Amane has become after leaving Misu to fight alone AND MOST OF ALL I'M VERY CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO MAMIYA. Mamiya isn't in Shinku no Shou so I'm really worried that he would be killed off or he left Sakura or something. I feel really bad for Mamiya though it's like nothing's working for him even though he's doing his best to match up with his Messiahs ):

OH AND SOUMA WILL BE BACK IN HAGANE NO SHOU YAY!!!! I've missed Souma so much. You could say I started watching Messiah for Mokkun actually so seeing Souma back is always a welcome.

Oh and I started subbing Hakugin no Shou because I wanted my friend to be able to understand the play so that I could spazz to him about it and he could understand me hehe. Terrible progress though, I didn't know subbing would take so long AND MY JAPANESE IS BAD ENOUGH. I self learnt my Japanese so it takes me forever to understand the technical terms ugh.
2nd-Mar-2015 12:48 am - Alice Nine's Comeback
Today, 2nd of March, is the release of my A level results and it practically determines what I do in the future and all so it's pretty stressful waiting right now.

Alice Nine has finally made a comeback on 1st March 2015 which is the day before the release of my results so I have something to distract myself with.
Let's talk about Alice Nine.
My favourite Visual Kei band.
So they came back with a song called Pheonix and wow was I hooked on from the start. This hard rock that they used to do like with Gallows has been missing recently and I'm glad it's finally back with Phoenix. Maybe Alice Nine leaving PSC really was good for them, they could finally go back to their old sound. Not that their new sound wasn't good, I liked it too but I really wanted something I could bang my head to and let all my stress out.
Shou had a mask on in Phoenix though, it was cool and I'm wondering if it's going to be his new image from now on, like a new symbol to represent him. Half of me is hoping not though because I want to see his pretty face but half of me is hoping yes because it really shows that this shou is a new "show". What he calls himself now. Huh, I actually miss the name Shou but Show is cool too.
Hiroto cut his hair hehe miss the long hair but Hiroto with blond hair is my kryptonite so I dig it. Tora is the same as ever and so is Saga. I see Nao with his new hair...?
but gosh, the new A9 is AMAZING and I hope they keep up with this style.

Second thing, Shou and Tora has formed a new band called DIAWOLF much like their Givuss time, the two of them together again. What can I say, DIAWOLF's debut song Rebellion is really amazing. I can just jam to that electronic tune, it's really catchy. In Rebellion, Shou did show his face (giggles), handsome as ever. Most of the lyrics were in English and the meaning of the lyrics were nice. There were a lot of screaming in the song though, I'm kinda worried for Shou's voice, if he's going to keep doing that during every live.

Alice Nine came up with a project fund too, asking the public to donate so that they can give quality pvs from now on and if they were to reach their goal of 5 million yen, they would use the money to release another PV. A9 said that rather than asking fans to buy multiple copies of the same album so that A9 can gain the money, it makes making music lose its meaning, they rather do crowd funding. I think this is an excellent idea by A9 and I'm all for it. I'm definitely donating because every small sum from every fan can make something big. Alice Nine said they will be including the names of every person that donated into their album booklet and that's like the best way they can thank us fans for being there for them. Alice Nine broke off from PSC and they have to fund everything by themselves since they're starting from scratch so good initiative by Alice Nine (:

I wish Alice Nine and DIAWOLF great success ^^
27th-Feb-2015 12:52 am - how to control my feels?!
My love for sakurai sho is so intense like when I look at his picture or anything my heart feels like it's going to explode. Listening to his voice is a lullaby. His presence is like a drug, I cannot get enough of him. As time passes I feel like I'm falling in love with him all over again. So painful and so beautiful.

And I'm riding on the sakumiya ship till I die. I ship them so hard lmao everytime I see them interact I delude myself into thinking it's something even though I know it isn't, but hey, let me have a little fun.

What brought this on actually... I was so bored today I decided to watch pikanchi and pikanchi double and sho was so cute in it and damn, nino was hot. I love the two movies so much I CANNOT WAIT for somebody to upload pikanchi 2.5. I'm sure it'll be great.

I'm also super addicted to sakura these days, it's on replay. One of my favourite arashi songs, hands down.
15th-Feb-2015 07:39 pm - ViViD's disbandment
I just found out about this... I know I was really late in knowing about this but those days when I was clueless were happy ones because I still believed that they were together.

I cried when I read about their disbandment because of all the bands, I thought ViViD would be one that would stay together for a very long time.
I should have suspected it since their latest single was titled 「thank you for all」but maybe I was in denial and didn't think it could happen.
They match so well. Their looks, their personalities, their vocal and music were perfect. They looked so happy when they were on stage together it baffled me that everybody wanted different things and wanted to go on different paths.

They didn't state what paths everybody wanted to go on to. Do some of them want to leave the music scene? Do they want to do different music?
Because to me, ViViD makes some of the best songs ever, I can't imagine them wanting to do different types of music.

I was just thinking that if the members were to create new bands again, I would not be able to... Not that I won't support them but it just won't be the same for me ever again.

ViViD is a band that was my strength. Whenever I felt angry, sad, helpless, I would always listen to ViViD and they would always calm me down and make me happy. It hurts to know that there won't be anymore new music to be my strength now. It also hurts to know that I will never be able to see ViViD live or I won't be able to see them together on shows anymore.

Reno and Ko-ki broke away from their old band before and came to join ViViD and I hope they will continue on together in their new band. I also wish that Shin and IV will move on to another new band together only because I love seeing them two together.

This just sucks, everything sucks. I want them to stay together but me whining here won't change a thing so I can only wish them all the best for the future. I have another 2 months of being with them after being a fan of theirs for 4 years. As the last thing I can do for ViViD, I just pre-ordered their very last album. The members said that their music will still be here and they hope fans can still love ViViD after they disband and I will be sure to carry out their wish.
This whole thing reminds me of Cocoa Otoko sighs.
Crosses fingers that ViViD will still meet up and keep in contact because from what I see, they are really good friends and I would hate for their friendship to be over after they disband.

I love you ViViD and you will always be alive in my heart
11th-Feb-2015 10:29 pm - Recent Obsession with EXILE tribe
I need to write my feels somewhere and there's no where else but here.

Recently I have been very obsessed with EXILE tribe but more specifically GENERATIONS from EXILE tribe.

I was just playing around on youtube and I entered AVEX's channel and decided to check out what new videos there were. GENERATIONS' sing it loud video was really flashy so I gave it a go and THE FIRST BEAT ALREADY GOT ME HOOKED ONTO THE SONG. In addition, EXILE's new horizon is also a really catchy song and before I knew it, I was already watching shows and videos of them.

Honestly, I knew 3JSB first but I didn't really go deep into them.
Watching new horizon, Gun-chan really caught my eyes with his charming looks and really cute smile. His dancing is AMAZING too.
I really love their song R.Y.U.S.E.I, it makes me want to get up and do the running man with them.

GENERATIONS have so many great songs and I played "never let you go" so many times, my mum is haunted by it now LMAO.
I didn't really like brave it out the first time I heard it but now it's constantly playing in my head. EVERYTIME LIKE A SOLDIER~!
Ryota was also the first one to catch my eyes but then before I knew it, I was watching shirahama alan all the time whether during live performances or during PVs. I guess alan is now my ichiban in GENERATIONS. His smile is so cute, his dancing is excellent, his character is adorable <3
All the other members are wonderful too, it's so difficult not to love all of them.

EXILE's TAKAHIRO is so damn cute ugh I'm listening to his song as I'm typing this. He looks like he's in his twenties and not in his thirties. TAKAHIRO is aging backwards I can attest to that. He has a beautiful voice, his songs are so calming.

The other EXILE members are really interesting and funny in their own ways too and if I were to start writing about each of them this wouldn't end.
I guess that's that. I just needed to spazz somewhere lol.
25th-Jan-2015 02:58 pm - happy birthday sakurai sho

I remembered the very first time I watched VS arashi, I was immediately drawn in by sho's witty comments, his laughter, his smile, his looks and before I knew it I was so drawn into him I started watching everything related to him. NEVER REGRETTED THAT DECISION.


I wish him a very happy birthday and I hope he's having an enjoyable one now.
23rd-Jan-2015 05:23 pm - About my fandom self
Since I have nothing to do, I'm gonna write a little about my fandom self.

I'm mainly into Kpop, Jpop and Visual Kei.

I was into Kpop since 2009 and my main fandoms are B.A.P, Infinite, Super Junior and DB5K.
I was with B.A.P and Infinite since the start but I was with SJ since 2009 and with DBSK since 2010. I listen to many other groups but I wouldn't call myself a stan of them tbh.

My biases:
B.A.P - Himchan
Infinite - Sungjong
Super Junior - Ryeowook
DBSK - Changmin

I was into Jpop first in 2008 and my fandoms are KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2 and NEWS. JANIZU FAN!!
I'm slightly more into Jpop than Kpop bc Japanese over Koreans imo.

My biases:
KAT-TUN - was Jin until he left then it was Ueda and now I can't choose
Arashi - Sho
Kisumai - Fujigaya
NEWS - Tegoshi

I was into Visual Kei since 2011/2012, I can't really remember. My fandoms are Alice Nine, SuG, ViViD. I don't really listen to many bands but I also listen to D=Out, DIV and some of LOST ASH.

My biases:
Alice Nine - Shou, Hiroto
SuG - I'm not really sure
ViViD - Shin

A band I love with all my heart consists of 5 actors... COCOA OTOKO
Although they have already disbanded, I'm constantly listening to their songs and I'm supporting their acting. I wish they acted more in tv shows than stage plays though because being in a foreign country, it's really difficult to be able to watch them. I want to move to Japan so that I can catch their stage plays, really.
My bias is none other than Yonehara Kousuke but Kamakari Kenta is close behind.

I absolutely love watching japanese dramas and movies because they're not cliche and are original and interesting. I only watch Japanese actually lol.

Some of my favourite actors/actresses are:
Takeru Sato, Haruma Miura, Masaki Suda, Kiriyama Renn, Inoue Masahiro, Nakamura Yuichi, Yamazaki Kento, Kamiki Ryunnosuke, Mizushima Hiro, Yonehara Kousuke, Kamakari Kenta, Oguri Shun, Toda Erika, Gouriki Ayame
I'm sure there are others that I like but if there was a drama with any of them in it, I most probably would watch it.

This was fun to write, it was nice to have somewhere to write about my fandoms.

This is all, bye
23rd-Jan-2015 04:47 pm - About this Journal
I'm not one to post about my life or anything on blogs or journals because I mainly use twitter.
It's also inconvenient for me to post when I'm using LJ on my phone.
The only reason why I made an LJ account is so that I can read locked fanfictions and join communities to feed my drama needs.
I know it's an empty journal but really, this account is for me to satisfy my fangirl needs, yep.
It's difficult to join communities that will not add back empty journals and I understand why they do that but )))-:
I'm just writing this to fill up space so at least I have some posts lol.
Ain't nobody gonna read this hehe

okay, bye
30th-Dec-2010 05:07 pm - Unpredictable Romance

Title: Unpredictable Romance (Collab with eliluvzeu  )
Pairing: Kyuhyun/ girl!Sungmin
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Rape, Fluff, Romance,Smut
Rating: R
Warning: Gender Switch, Kidnap, Rape
Disclaimer: We do not own them, they own themselves.
Summary: Sungmin fell in love with her rapist, even carrying his baby.


"Kyuhyun, I need you to do me a favour." Kyuhyun sighed as he listened to his father talk. He had a very bad feeling about it.

"We are going to kidnap the daughter of my first love."
"And who is the daughter?" Kyuhyun asked coldly.
"Lee Sungmin..."

“Why are we going to kidnap her?”

Kyuhyun’s Father explained his tragic love story to Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun nodded. Kyuhyun understood how his Father felt because he went through such a situation before.

 “How are we going to carry this out?” Kyuhyun asked.

"She leaves school at 3pm every day. Her brother will arrive at around 3:30pm to pick her, so we can take that opportunity to kidnap her."



Sungmin patiently waited outside her school for her brother to arrive. Her brother, Hyukjae, was always punctual and would arrive before 3:30pm but she did not know why her brother was late today. She took out her handphone to check the time. It was already 4:30pm, her brother was one hour late. She decided to walk home so she gave Hyukjae a call. While walking and waiting for her brother to pick up her call, she accidentally dropped her phone. Sungmin bend down to pick up her handphone when she felt somebody grab her hands and pinned it behind her back. When Sungmin wanted to turn back to see who her attacker was, a handkerchief was placed on her mouth and nose. Sungmin struggled and tried to shout but because of the drug on the handkerchief, she fell unconscious.

Her attackers carried her to the van and drove off.

-Meanwhile, in Hyukjae’s car-

Hyukjae was driving when he heard his handphone ring. He searched for his Bluetooth and finally found it. He connected it to his handphone and answered the call.

“Yeobuseyo? Sungmin?” Hyukjae asked but nobody answered.

“Sungmin? Where are you?” Again, no answer.

Hyukjae was about to hang up when he heard a muffled shout coming from the other end of the line.

“Sungmin?” Hyukjae asked again.

This time he heard the closing of doors and he suspected that something was wrong.

Hyukjae drove faster and finally arrived at Sungmin’s school. He looked around but Sungmin was not present. He noticed a handphone and a bag on the pavement further up and he got out of his car and ran to it. He immediately recognized it to be Sungmin’s. Knowing that Sungmin was in trouble, he picked up her belongings, went into his car and rushed back home.


- At the hideout-

Sungmin was lying on the floor unconscious. She was tied up, blindfolded and gagged. When Sungmin was starting to move, Kyuhyun’s Father called up Sungmin’s Father.

“Yeobuseyo? Lee Hyun Joong speaking.” (Sorry for the name)

“Mr Lee... we have your beloved daughter with us now.”


“We just want to have some fun with her.”


“We will see about that.”

With that, Kyuhyun’s Father ended the call.

Kyuhyun’s Father walked over to Kyuhyun.

“Yes Father?” Kyuhyun asked.

“I need you to do something for me”

A.N: My first fic and it is a collab with my bb eliluvzeu !! Please don't kill her or me if this is a fail. She's an experienced writer anyway ^^ Comments are appreciated!!

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